Scott Yenor

Professor of Political Science at Boise State, Washington Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and past Visiting Fellow at the Simon Center at Heritage Foundation.  

Author of Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideology (Baylor, 2020); David Hume’s Humanity: The Philosophy of Common Life and Its Limits’ and Family Politics: The Idea of Marriage in Modern Political Thought.  

Why I Have a Blog

Well, it’s not exactly a blog.  I collect my videos on great books and my writings on this website.  I foreswear all social media over the course of my life and I have no reason to regret that decision.  I enjoy engaging ideas in the public sphere, but I do not think it just or salutary to share my ideas without others taking a look at them. So I post my writings for on-line journals here.  Blogging is too close to social media for me.   

Personal Life

I married Amy in 1993 at 22 years of age and we have five children: Jackson (b. 1995), Travis (b. 1997), Sarah (b. 2000) Paul or Lumpy (b. 2002) and Mark or Biscuit (b. 2008) .  We are Midwesterners, who were displaced to Idaho in 2000. While we love the lush Midwest and especially the beautiful Falls, we also have grown to love Idaho.  I love reading novels (esp. Russian novels), hiking, golfing, and writing.  

My books