Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago. “Our Muzzled Freedom” and “Why Did We Stand For It?”

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ANALYTICSEDIT VIDEOThis video contains Solzhenitsyn’s critique of the gulag (ideology) from the perspective of politics. It shows that the gulag affects public opinion (in Our Muzzled Freedom) and that public opinion affects the gulag (in Why Did We Stand For It?). Tyranny shapes the gulag and the society, in mutually reinforcing ways–none of which are foreign to the tyranny possible in modern republican governments. We also venture into Solzhenitsyn’s critique of Tolstoy as well as his understanding of political freedom as the basis for any civilized society (but not for moral development) and as well as his understanding of the inadequacy of Christianity (Stoical conversion) for politics. The whole family should love it!

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